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Education and Training

ADM Oct 5th Noble C Hathaway  AR101
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National match target NRAThe Arizona Defense Match in reality is NOT a match at all.  It is however an exercise and training event.  The ADM emphasizes rifle-craft and handling, teamwork, listening skills, and knowing your equipment.
The exercise is designed to bring groups of rifle men and women together and enjoy a very different sort of shooting event.
The ADM will not be an expensive, all day event with people that are considered obsessed with winning....quite the contrary, the ADM emphasizes completing the match (being finished in around 2 hours), bringing good equipment you know how to operate, and concentrating on doing your best.  You can consider this match non - competitive by design.

Anyone or group can engage in the ASRPA ADM without having to be a member of the NRA, ASRPA, shooting clubs or groups.  You can assemble your friends, church, family, etc., together for a match. Target information, fees, rules, and procedures are attached below to download and print out.

You will register the match with the ASRPA and we will issue an online registration to share with the promoter.  Participants will pay the ASRPA fee online.
 After the firing of the ADM, you will send a picture of a target and competitors, and the score sheet to the email address.

 ASRPA Education and Training Division will keep records and post scores and pictures for a big shoot off and BBQ in 2015 at a central location.

Click here to purchase target/match packages for your shoot.

The AR15 101/202 classes are basic familiarization programs with the worlds most popular sporting rifle ever....THE AR15.  This rifle has created an entire industry over the last 50 years including parts, accessories, and the ability to customize the rifle to your own body.  The ergonomic factors make the rifle safe and comfortable for everyone to operate on a basic or competitive level.  It is a favorite of physically handicapped individuals also allowing them to enjoy a lightweight firearm that is easy to operate. 

AR15 101 incorporates a basic firearm safety course with a hands on experience.  Every student on the bench has their own rifle and training brochure.  A certified ASRPA instructor will go over the features and benefits of the rifle and then the students are allowed to participate in a short firing exercise (usually around 30 yards and 20 shots) on a paper target which after firing the student can keep. 

AR15 202 is for the student which after participating in the 101 class would like a bit more training with the sight picture and firing at longer ranges (usually around 75-100 yards and 20 shots).  The AR15 202 is usually held in the same day and could be directly after the 101. 

The next and natural step is the Arizona Defense Match which you will learn to shoot at multiple targets at multiple ranges.  The AR101, 202, and ADM will usually be held in the same weekend and in some instances the same day. 

AR101/202 will include all equipment such as ammo, rifles, targets, instructor, etc.  The student will provide their own eye and ear protection. 

The ASRPA RaodRunner Program is designed to serve the outlying communities in our state which normally have not been included in many of the opportunities that the Phoenix and Tucson areas have had. 

The spirit of the Program is to partner with local sponsors and bring this program to the community.

ASRPA will furnish firearms, instructors, and program structure.  The sponsors furnish a suitable venue for classroom and range time, ammunition, targets, study books (ordered by certified NRA instructors only) material, travel costs if any, and promote the event locally.

ASRPA will furnish smallbore rifles and pistols, AR15 type rifles, and in some instances vintage miltary rifles, all or part,  and in one day the student will receive the NRA First Steps in both rifle and pistol or shotgun. 

All instructors in the RoadRunner Program must be NRA Certified for the discipline they teach and also must have been approved by the ASRPA Executive Board. 

Every event will be different and arrangements will vary.  Sponsors are urged to plan for the events at least 3 months in advance and more time is highly recommended. 

You can contact the ASRPA President at president (at) for more information.

Check out pictures from some of our first events

Sierra Vista ADM match
1st road runner23

2014 Cochise Gun Club ADM results.
K. Welker 955, E. Rice 940, M. McGuire 860, E. Hoppkins 690,
J. Straight 670, J. Klemski 465 

1st road runner5
1st road runner 8
1st road runner 1
1st road runner 7
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