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Shooting Related Items For Sale from our members.
A reminder:  It is unlawful to transfer any firearm to a known prohibited person/possessor.  Private sellers must make sure they do not sell to purchasers buying for prohibited persons (straw purchasers).  All interstate sales must be transfered through a Federal Firearms Dealer.  Know the state and federal laws that pertain to firearms sales before putting yourself in legal jepardy.  Contact local law enforcement or the ATF if you have doubts about a firearm sale. 
ASRPA  only offers these ads for the convenience of our members and takes no  responsibility, nor knowledge of nor for transactions among your members.
Personal Firearms Transfer  Here is a Transfer Form for Private Sales.  Add to or Amend
if you Wish.ASRPA Transfer Guide
Click Here To Open and Print
Dont forget to exchange Drivers License or AZ CCW permit info
in your transaction.


Shooting Jacket

Vintage 10-X Mfg. suede leather shooting jacket, size 44 (best guesstimate).  It has been worn but is in overall very nice condition with only minor wear.
Brown suede leather.  Black rubber pads.  Quilted lining.  Wide tooth zipper front with silver buckles. Storage pocket in back. Very heavy jacket.  $170.  If interested contact Jeanie Hershey at 623-465-7858 or email cowgirl3220@gmai

Below: Various M14 magazines  $60 for all.  Call 623 687 4251

Rock River Matched Set

Rock River Matched Set Upper and Lower AR15 receivers new in package.  These are for building precision rifles for Service Rifle Competition.
$340 Contact Noble C. at
noblehathaway(at) .
Private Sale BUT must possess a valid DL and sign a non-prohibited possessor form OR a valid AZ CCW permit.

m11 lage 600 1

    Various bayonets..sell all or part of the group.
    1. 1907 Brit Mk1#3 excellent condition steel, handle, and leather $85
    2. 1903-M1Garand American Fork and Hoe VGC $70
    3. 1891 Mosin Cruciform $25
    4. 1903-M1 Garand American Fork and Hoe VGC $75
    5. 1903-M1 Garand American Fork and Hoe CutDown VGC $85
    6. M1 Carbine....LAST ONE.  Leather Fair Condition/No Scabbard $45
    7. Argentine/Turkish Mauser?  VGC $40
    Call 623 687 4251 for more info.


We have TWO separate M11 Lage Submachineguns.  Both in 9mm but both have .22 conversion kits.  Steel and Zytel mags for the 9mm and Lage Zytel mags for the .22.  Both M11’s run very well in both calibers.  Will take $8500 each as shown above and below.  Might take non NFA firearms in trade (ie Winchester 1886 with full magazine length and in 45/70..Brownings and Japan OK, SW/Colt revolvers) Both M11’s are on Form 4 in AZ.  Call 623 687 4251 for more information.

m11  2  600 1

LEFT: 1928 West Hurley Thompson.  Very clean low mileage and well maintained.  All magas below and case included.  Runs very well.  ON form 4 in Arizona
Contact 623 687 4251  for more information.
(dont worry...felt between the rock and Thompson)

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