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A historical tour of the state association since its beginnings in 1909
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Adjutant General Match
Adjutant General Cup

Manuel Leyva Collection

Leyva 1000 yard 1965-1978
Leyva Hi Expert 65-78
Leyva Hi Marksman 65-78
Leyva Hi Sharpshoot 65-78
Leyva Long Range Cup 64 -79

Memorial Collection

Aurthur Benko Mem 52-59
Bob Williams Mem Trophy 88-94
Matt Acker Memorial Trophy 2002 - 2010
HD McMahon Mem Trophy

The Washington Birthday Match Series Trophies

75 WBM NAT GUARD 3rd Pl 68
78th High Indiv 1971
Adjuctant General Hi Score 1960
High Team 1956 -60
Nat Gd 1st place 1968 75th ann
Nat Gd 1st place NRA trophy 68
National Guard 2nd Place 1970
National Guard 3rd place team 1970
WBM APS Hi NRA Team 62
Nat Gd NRA Trophy 65
Nat Gd 2nd Place 66

ASRPA Collection

200 yard offhand
ASRPA Highpower Champ 73-97
ASRPA Officers Trophy
ASRPA Presidents invitational
ASRPA Metallic Sillhouette 79 -93
ASRPA Central AZ shooting league 56-57
ASRPA Cullum and Boren 31-59
ASRPA George Parker slow fire 50-59
ASRPA Georgia Ann Rohm HP Cham
ASRPA Governors Trophy 1921
ASRPA Greenway Trophy 24-61
ASRPA Kahrs Trophy 600 yard 49-63
ASRPA Roskruge Cup 25-59
ASRPA Sam Mansfield 34-56
ASRPA Schnabel Trophy 24-59
ASRPA Utah State HP Champ 58
ASRPA Winners Tropy
ASRPA william henry 36-58

The Washington Birthday Match Series Trophies

Governors Trophy AZ Nat Gd 3rd Pl 65
arizona high team 1963
Nat gd 3rd place NRA 66
nat gd 3rd plac team papago
Nat gd 3rd place NRA 66
nat gd high team 1st place 1967

Bob Orr Collection

1k any sight winner phx
.30 caliber labor day match 3rd place
1k Iron Sight 1st Phx RG 1972
Arizona Garrett Pistol 2nd Place 81
Arizona Garrett Pistol 2nd Place 83
Arizona Garrett Pistol 2nd Place 88
Arizona Garrett Pistol 2nd Place 91
Arizona Mid Winter 1962
Hassayampa  Springfield Match Unclassified
Hassayampa  Springfield Match
Little Wimbeldon 1st place Phx RG 72
Little Wimbeldon Winner 1970
Louise Orr BT Appreciation
Louise Orr World Shoot Hat
Metallic SillhouettChamps class b
Mid Tompkins Award
Mid Winter 1963
Mid Winter HP Match 1964

The Washington Birthday Match Series Trophies

nat gd gove trop 2nd place 1966
Nat gd gov trop 1st place hassayampa RG 1966
nat gd gov troph 1st place 1970
1997 High Individual
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