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Welcome to the
 ASRPA College of Firearms and 2A Training
  ASRPA Education and Training Division
“Offering exceptional training and a positive learning experience to the perpetual student”
contact Noble C. Hathaway, ASRPA Training Division Director
 for more information.

AR15 101

Training ..... the act, process, or method of one that trains or the skill, knowledge, or experience acquired by one that trains or the state of being.
Most agree the “T” word invokes images of work, time, blood and sweat, having to use your mind or learn something new however your State Association would like you to consider a paradigm shift in the common attitude toward an unfamiliar learning curve.  So let us now add another part to that definition above....FUN.
Several years ago, after hearing of some of the comments from many students we set out to seriously tighten up training standards ...both for the teacher and training material.

From that time, ASRPA started developing and initiating many proprietary courses which subjects and focus is not available with other organizations.

ASRPA Safety and StorageFirst and foremost the ASRPA now teaches the Firearm Safety and Storage Course to all private schools, and various groups.  We offer Instructor Status to just about anyone, regardless of experience and wishing to help their community with safety and storage information.  Contact us for more information.

ASRPA offers the original Arizona CCW Course, the Defensive User of Firearms by Michael P. Anthony.  We teach this course over the State and usually free to certain groups and depending on teacher availability.  We will send you the 144 page course FREE via email if you request it.  ASRPA teaches this course along with a companion booklet all of the State.  We usually are able to teach the Course Free of Charge depending on the group audience and or teacher availability.  This course has been very popular with those migrating to our State from other 2A unfriendly states.  It gives them a chance to get to know a lot of their neighbors and develop relationships and groups to continue learning and training. REAGAN AND HIS AR 15 (002)

DUF MANUAL 2017The most popular rifle ever, the AR15, developed and sold in the U.S. since the early ‘60’s, has evolved into the Modern Sporting Rifle hosting over 20 calibers from .22 Long Rifle and up, all sizes, colors, and in competition or match configuration or for just plinking, hunting, or self-defense.  Over 20 million sport shooters and hunters own and enjoy the easy to use rifle including men, women, children, and handicapped.  We offer several safety and operation courses for this popular rifle.


We offer the Modern Sporting Rifle 101 and 202 courses.  The student learns safety and operation of the rifle, its history, and the various models, calibers, and versions.  The 202 course takes the student to the field for some target work with various sights and targets.  This is a perfect course for those planning to purchase a modern sporting rifle or those that have purchased but don't much about what they have. 

WAR15 101 manuale offer AR Smallbore cover1

We also have a very family friendly program very much designed for your entire family as students that is the Modern Sporting Rifle Smallbore Course.  This course consists of comprehensive safety, history, and hands on classroom instruction for those wanting to learn the very basics of the modern sporting rifle world.  Range time comes after classroom and an introduction to the red dot, scope, and iron sights and various paper and steel targets.  Each firing point will have its own instructor.





ADM manualFor those that have a fear of competition, we formulated theADM BASF 11-12-2017 Cropped Annotated
 Arizona Defense Match,
(a training or first time match) where every skill level is equally disadvantaged.  Shot in prone position, all equipment in a backpack, and the absolute need to concentrate on knowing your equipment, listening for firing commands, and a total focus on working safely in a team environment. This match is being fired all over the State and we have a State Championship Every Year.  Lots of fun and again for all skill levels.  Most that fire the match return and also progress on to more advanced competition .  Best fired with the modern sporting rifle but any magazine fed rifle you can fire accurately and quickly will work.


CATS MANUAL 2019We also have a great program for companies, groups, Noble_Speaking66
and churches’ that will help people focus on their surroundings in a group setting.  It gives suggestions on what to do if an attack happens such as in malls, entertainment venues, auditoriums, etc.  It explores the minds of these demons that target innocent groups and how to protect you and your family.  The CATS Course was designed after the night club attack in Florida several years back.  Listening to the many that testified to the events while they waited and watched inspired this course. 

The ASRPA Education and Training Division RaodRunner Program is designed to serve the outlying communities in our state which normally have not been included in many of the opportunities that the Phoenix and Tucson areas have had. 

The spirit of the Program is to partner with local sponsors and bring this program to the com1st road runner 1munity.

ASRPA will furnish firearms, instructors, and program structure.  The sponsors furnish a suitable venue for classroom and range time, ammunition, targets, study books (ordered by certified NRA instructors only) material, travel costs if any, and promote the event locally.

ASRPA will furnish smallbore rifles and pistols, Madern Sporting type rifles, and in some instances vintage miltary rifles, all or part,  and in one day the student will receive the NRA First Steps in both rifle and pistol or shotgun. 

All instructors in the RoadRunner Program must be ASRPA Certified for the discipline they teach and also must have been approved by the ASRPA Executive Board. 

Every event will be different and arrangements will vary.  Sponsors are urged to plan for the events at least 6 months in advance and more time is highly recommended.  Offered only by ASRPA Certified Training Centers

You can contact the ASRPA  Education and Training Division Director, Noble C. Hathaway at asrpatrainingdivision (at) for more information.

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