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ASRPA Black Powder Cartridge

The Black Powder Cartridge Division offers silhouette matches for black powder cartridges and vintage sniper rifles. BPCR matches are shot with period-correct reproduction buffalo rifles or original rifles of that time period. Vintage sniper weapons used to participate in this match must follow CMP rules for participation. The matches are shot as a team sport, with each participant shooting and then spotting for their team member in a rotating fashion. Targets are shot at four distances (200M, 300M, 450M, and 500M). 200 Meter targets are shot offhand. The other distances are shot in the prone or sitting position. Cross sticks are used for rifle support at longer distances. Vintage rifle participants may use sandbags or cross sticks, but bipods are not allowed. Matches are held at the Ben Avery Shooting facility in Phoenix. Match schedules can be found on their website. Contact Bob De La Torre for further information: [email protected]

ASRPA Cast Bullet Cast Bullet

The Cast Bullet Division competes with various rifles using cast lead bullets fired at 100 and 200 yards. The Benchrest section shoots modern and antique cartridge rifles fired from the bench. The Schuetzen section shoots separate loading (breech seating) single-shot rifles fired off-hand and from the bench. The Rimfire Schuetzen section shoots .22 rimfire single shot schuetzen rifles fired off-hand and from the bench at 100 yards. Cast Bullet Division typically shoots three matches each month. Contact Dan Walliser at [email protected] for further information.

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ASRPA Junior High Power Team (Scorpions)

The Team is comprised of juniors which have graduated from a small bore and basic marksmanship training and wish to compete in a serious national competitive environment. The course of fire is usually NRA Cross-The-Course; however, there are some other variations that the Team uses, such as the Rattle Battle and fixed longer-range competition. The Team represents the State Association at the National Matches in Camp Perry, Ohio, every summer. Participants (juniors and parents) are required to adhere to stringent guidelines of safety, firearm storage, handloading, and personal development commitment to the Team. Academic standards in school must be high throughout the Program. Equipment is provided by the State Association. Parental involvement and support are also a must. The ASRPA Junior High Power Team (Scorpions) attends the National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio, every year.

Contact Randy Jacovich at [email protected]

ASRPA Junior Marksmanship Program

Junior Smallbore Rifle Marksmanship Program--Providing training for boys and girls ages 10 - 21 in prone, sitting, kneeling and standing positions. .22 caliber target rifles, ammunition and all equipment are provided. Participants earn NRA classifications and are awarded certificates, patches and medals.

Programs are in place to graduate young shooters into our ASRPA Junior High Power Program. Parental involvement and support is also mandatory.

Contact Rick Harrach at [email protected]

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ASRPA Lever Action Rifle

There are three classes of lever action rifles (LAR), and all shooting is done from the offhand position. Lever Action Rifle is any centerfire .25 caliber or larger with a tubular magazine of original manufacture or replica thereof, using a flat-nosed bullet. Target distances are 50-100-150-200 meters. Pistol Cartridge LAR is any PCLAR with a tubular magazine using a round or flat-nosed bullet. Target distances are 40-50-75-100 meters.

Smallbore Cowboy Rifle is any lever action, pump, or semi-auto rimfire rifle with a tubular magazine. Only .22LR ammunition is allowed. Hypervelocity ammo is prohibited. Target distances are 40-50-75-100 meters.

Contact Jeanie Hershey at [email protected] for more information.

ASRPA Pistol Silhouette

Pistol Silhouette is all about shooting handguns at longer than usual distances. The targets are steel silhouettes of animals: chickens, pigs, turkeys, and rams. The small bore animals are 25-100 yards, and the big bore is 50-200 yards. Shooters are given 2 minutes to fire 5 shot strings for a total of 40 shots per match. If you have a handgun, come on out and shoot with us.!

Contact: Open

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ASRPA Education and Training

The E and T Division offers ASRPA, NRA, and CMP Training on all levels, including NRA Instructor, Range Safety Officer, CMP M1 Garand, and Small Arms Course

The E and T also offer ASRPA proprietary courses such as the Civilian Anti-Terrorist (Active Shooter) Survival course (CATS), AR15/10 101 and 102, a beginners guide to the modern sporting rifle, the ADM (Arizona Defense Match), a training exercise with rifle and backpack, and the original Defensive Use of Firearms course by Michael P. Anthony (original Arizona DPS CCW course from 2005 which is updated after each legislative year. Contains 3 hours of law, videos, scenarios, and firearm safety with an emphasis on fun and smiles for everyone.

We work with individuals and groups such as churches, schools, community centers, and just about anywhere in the state. If you are planning or would like information on a group training, shooting, or lecture event, please contact us for ideas, pricing, and other pertinent information which would make your event a hit.

Click on the picture of the AR101 Training to be directed to the Education and Training Page and contact information for Division Director Noble C. Hathaway at [email protected]

ASRPA Women's Division

The ASRPA Women's Division will continue to do educational classes for women using NRA classes and our own. Giving women a solid shooting platform with developing skills in pistol and rifle. Exposing them to the world of Personal Protection for themselves and family. We encourage women to enter different competitions to re-enforce their education and have fun while making new friends.

ASRPA Women's Division will be reaching out to other areas of the state of Arizona, helping and teaching women who don't have access to this education.

We are here for them because this division is all about them.

If your women's shooting group would be interested in a unique experience.

Contact Carol Ruh at [email protected] or visit our website at:  https://www.azwsa.com/

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ASRPA Vintage and Specialty Match Division

The V and S Division offers out-of-the-box matches, events, CMP Vintage Rifle, CMP Vintage Sniper, Pistol, Shotgun, Three Gun, Big Game, Sniper, and just about anything you can think up to have a good time with your firearms. Usually associated with food. Also, the division will offer some traditional NRA, CMP, and other types of events.

Contact - David Geyer at [email protected]

ASRPA Action Pistol

Action Pistol includes run and gun€ competitions such as USPSA matches that require shooter movement and magazine changes, as well as “stand and deliver†matches like Steel Challenge, where a stage is shot from a single position with no movement or timed reloads. Depending on the match and location, stage targets are paper, steel, or a combination of the two. All matches emphasize accuracy and speed. There are divisions for all types of handguns, including .22s and revolvers. Contact James Walliser at [email protected] for more information.

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ASRPA Bullseye Pistol

Shot in many different disciplines in Precision Pistol. The one commonality in them all is each is shot one-handed and with both slow fire and sustained fire with fixed time limits. Some disciplines require the use of iron sights, some allow optics, and both semi-automatics and revolvers are used.

The most common type of Precision Pistol is Bullseye, generally with optic sights (much easier to see), which is fired at 50 yards of slow fire, 10 shots in 10 minutes, and sustained fire courses at 25 yards of timed fire 5 shots in 20 seconds twice and rapid-fire 5 shots in 10 seconds twice as well. The General course is 10 slow, 10 times, and 10 rapids, which we call a National Match Course. We attend the National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio, as the ASRPA Bullseye Team.

Contact: Phillip Meyer at [email protected]

ASRPA Shotgun

The ASRPA Shotgun Division hosts three instructional sports programs annually:  Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays.  The Cactus Clays Beginners Program includes NRA Shotgun Course of Fire certification for each student at the conclusion of each 9-week clay target sports instruction program. Additionally, the Shotgun Division hosts a NSCA registered sporting clays competition, “100 Big Bangs for Freedom,” an event held in commemoration of Patriot Day to honor those lost on 9/11.  Valley of the Sun Quail Forever will be the partner and recipient of this fundraiser.  ASRPA Shotgun Division is a sponsor for the Arizona Sporting Clays Association's State Tournament and co-hosts a shoot-off at the annual statewide SCTP (Scholastic Clay Target Program) Commissioner’s Cup for an academic scholarship for a graduating high school senior. Additional outreach programs are held as NRA Day events to promote the clay target sports.  Contact:  Larry Welton  [email protected]; or Cactus Clays  [email protected]; or visit our website at: https://asrpacactusclays.com/

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ASRPA High Power Rifle

We are a group of long-range enthusiasts. We shoot from 600 yards to 1000 yards.

Our main focus is iron sites Palma rifle or F class competition. The iron sights X ring target at 1000 yards is 10 inches round or one minute of angle. For an F-Class, the X-raying is 5 inches wide or a half minute of angle.

We are always looking to exchange information and help our fellow shooters. If you would like to come out and join us, we ask that you bring a proven firearm (without muzzle break) that can reach out to 1000 yards.

Contact Andrew Cyr at [email protected]

Small Bore Rifle

Small Bore Rifle Division encompasses several small bore disciplines, including the Western Wildcat and Black Widow State Matches, the Steel Challenge, the AR Smallbore Platform Course, and some competition under ARA rules. Contact: This Division is seeking a new Division Director. Contact Noble C. Hathaway at [email protected]

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Rifle Silhouette

The newly remodeled 500-meter Animal and Gong Range are named after the founder of Patriot Ordnance Factory, Frank DeSomma The range features multiple steel Animal Silhouette targets out to 500 meters as well as various steel plates and gongs for your enjoyment. Contact - Open

Joe Foss Range

ASRPA operates the Joe Foss Range Complex in Buckeye, AZ, under a Special Use Permit with Maricopa County Parks and Recreation The Complex comprises 500 acres, A 200-yard Public Range with 40 Shooting Lanes, A 50-yard Public Training Range with 40 Shooting Lanes, A Public Trap & Skeet Shotgun Field, A Public Archery Range and Hunter Education Trail, Open to the Public every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Hours of operation are 7:30 AM to 1:30 PM, Range Fees are discounted for ASRPA Members

Classrooms and Range available for User Groups and Certified Trainers at [email protected]