Shooting Related Items For Sale from our members. PRIVATE SALES of FIREARMS:

A reminder:  It is unlawful to transfer any firearm to a known prohibited person/possessor.  Private sellers must make sure they do not sell/transfer to purchasers buying for prohibited persons (straw purchasers).  Sellers should require buyers to furnish a BGC.  ASRPA uses Sentrylink to furnish BGC’s on our own Board Members, Division Directors, or anyone teaching, or being involved with firearms in the State Association.
A valid Arizona CCW Permit is proof of State Background Check.
 See and click on link below. There are many more BGC services available on the Internet.
All interstate sales must be transfered through a Federal Firearms Dealer.
Know the state and federal laws that pertain to firearms sales before putting yourself in legal jeopardy.
Contact local law enforcement or the ATF if you have doubts about a firearm sale.
ASRPA  only offers these ads for the convenience of our members and takes no  responsibility, nor knowledge of nor for transactions among your members.
Personal Firearms Transfer  Here is a Transfer Form for Private Sales.
Add to or Amend for your protection
if you Wish. ASRPA Transfer Guide
Click Here To Open and Print

Dont forget to exchange Drivers License or AZ CCW permit info
in your transaction.


Estate items for sale.  Two Swedish Mausers (rifle and carbine), an engraved H&R .22LR/20 Guage, and a Colt 1911 series 80 pistol.  Contact asrpatrainingdivision(at)
Must possess valid Arizona CCW Permit to purchase.