Arizona Defense Match Manual



The ASRPA Arizona Defense Match (DOWNLOADABLE ITEM). The Arizona Defense Match (ADM) is a new training course designed to teach the “know your rifle” concept, range commands and working as a shooting team. This exercise is for all skill levels. The exercise is shot at 300,200, and 100 yards and must be fired from a backpack – used for all non-rifle equipment – in sandbag fashion. Only the exact ammo needed for the match can be brought in the backpack.

This match is sponsored by the ASRPA Education and Training Division. The event is designed to be fast paced and the total duration of the match, prep, and teardown is designed to be less than 3 hours.

This is a busy practical training course conducted completely on the range with live ammunition and pre-study is highly suggested. The ‘grade’ on your exam is your score.

Non-ASRPA individuals and teams are encouraged to host their own ADMs, with a year-end shoot-off in the Phoenix Area sponsored by the ASRPA.

This Manual may be ordered, and is available, to any group wishing to fire the ASRPA ADM.

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