Defensive Use of Firearms Course Student Manual


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The ASRPA Defensive Use of Firearms Course Student Manual by Michael P. Anthony (DOWNLOADABLE ITEM). Over a decade ago, one seeking to obtain a State Issued Concealed Carry Permit had to attend and pass a well-designed, standardized, and comprehensive course dealing with all aspects of self/family defense issues.

Due to legislation passed and signed into law in 2010-11, about all one needs to do is fork over $65 to DPS for a background check and furnish some sort of certificate that says you are a safe gun handler…. this is dangerous and can get you in trouble very quickly. Do not jeopardize your reputation, life savings, and life by not being expertly and comprehensively trained on Federal and State Statutes, Shoot No Shoot Scenarios, Firearm Safety, and much more.

Only offered and available to ASRPA CTC Instructors. 8 hours

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